Bowing Opticians have always supplied top quality frames. We've only supplied top quality frames. Why would anyone want anything less that total reliability, comfort, style and ease of wear?

We generally avoid 'designers' who pronounce themselves on every pair of glasses they make, in rather large lettering. Oddly, these are the glasses for which those 'designers' have had precious little, if any, personal input into those designs. The ability to make beautiful perfume doesn't really qualify someone as a 'spectacle designer'. 

So we select ranges of frames that are simply stylish, beautiful, always superbly manufactured and we glaze them with the world's best lenses. Again, why would you want anything but the best? Particularly as its often no more expensive than a poorer imitation.



As independent opticians we are free to source products from any and every manufacturer that is prepared to offer us extended credit. Which fortunately (for us, at least)  is all of them. So we can supply the best, the thinnest, the hardest, the lightest the toughest lenses available.

We can tint them, we can make them photochromic so they tint all by themselves, we can make varifocals that create a world so perfect that you’ll feel peace has broken out universally. The latest multifocals from Zeiss, Essilor, Shamir, Nikon are works of scientific excellence. And of course, we can do ‘basic’ too.


Sunglasses only by

Ray Ban
Maui Jim