Contact Lenses

In 1988 Johnson & Johnson introduced the world's first 'disposable' contact lens. Bowing Opticians was the first practice in the City of London to have them. Mainly because we'd been nagging them since we first read about their availability in the US. And sometimes nagging does pay. Sometimes.

We wanted them because as big devotees to contact lenses and to innovation in general, we 'saw the future' and it came (at that time) in little blister packs of weekly or 2-weekly Acuvue lenses. 

And we have subsequently remained at the cutting edge of contact lens development and progress. 

We fit daily disposables now, but still 2-weeklies and monthlies. 

We fit lenses for astigmatism (daily, weekly, monthly) we fit multifocal lenses for those with reading problems, we fit children with lenses for sport, golfers so they can which part of the nearby forest they hit their tee-shot into, footballers, skiers, rugby players, lenses for tennis, squash, mountaineering, karaoke, bridal wear and that special party. We even cater for bizarre and deviant practices, so please ask about 'under the counter lenses'.

We 'even' fit gas permeable lenses. As we have for over 30 years.